Friday Napster Freebies

by Erica Sadun

Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Napster Freebies. These un-DRMed MP3 files are free for a limited time and can be downloaded from just about any country. Enjoy!

"Time2hitdaclub (Explicit)" by 8Ball
Representing half of legendary Memphis rap duo 8Ball & MJG, this 8Ball solo outing does the legend proud. All downtempo boom, hairy synths, and lyrics devoted to everyone's favorite activity after a long week, it's a track tailor-made for your TGIF moment.

"September Falls" by The Little Heroes
Often compared to groups like The Stills and Death Cab for Cutie, these alt rockers are making a name for themselves thanks to their lush melodies and radio-friendly sensibility. Hear for yourself what the fuss is about with this track from their new album, Cinematic Americana.

"Congratulations (Explicit)" by Defari
With a love for both music and education, this former high school teacher with a master's degree in history has appeared on albums by Xzibit, Tha Alkaholiks, Dilated Peoples, and Dr. Dre in addition to three albums of his own. This is the latest single from Street Music.

"Get Steady" by Jonny Lives!
Jonny Dubowsky is an NYU literature and philosophy grad. He also fronts a rock band that's knee-deep in the same music scene that spawned The Strokes and Interpol. Today's download is the single from their debut album, Get Steady.

"Into Pieces" by Roark
Though he's worked for a Fortune 500 company, this singer/songwriter from New Jersey says he'd rather be a struggling musician. Good choice, considering he's got perfect pitch and well-honed melodic instincts. Today's download is from his debut album, Break of Day.

"Roll to Me" by Jeff Baker
Hailed as an "important, emerging new talent" on the All About Jazz site, Jeff Baker won the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival's vocal soloist competition when he was only 16. Get a taste of his wide-ranging talent with today's free download.

"Burn" by Amber Rhodes
"Country music is all about the stories," says this 25-year-old crossover artist, whose writing reflects her Lexington, Kentucky roots as well as time spent honing her skills in the Big Apple. Hear the result on this track from her album, Goodbye Yesterday.


2007-03-17 16:44:54
Sorry to disagree, but hitting da club is not anyone's favorite activity. It is something we endure in order to find someone with which to do everyone's favorite activity.