Friday Napster Freebies (Week of Jan 27 - Feb 2)

by Erica Sadun

Welcome to another edition of Friday Napster Freebies. These un-DRMed MP3 files are free for a limited time and can be downloaded from just about any country. Enjoy!

"Spring Hall Convert" by Deerhunter
This Atlanta-based psych-pop collective has endured financial strain, death, and lineup changes, but has persevered and come out the other side with a rocking sophomore album, Cryptograms.

"Seasons" by Julie Sokolow
Using only her voice, a cheap acoustic guitar, and the built-in microphone on her computer, this Pittsburgh singer-songwriter put together Something About Violins, a collection of eerie lo-fi productions reminiscent of Cat Power and Julie Doiron.

"P-Body" by Sean Price
From the Boot Camp Clik, the self-proclaimed "brokest rapper you know" is back with Jesus Price Superstar, featuring more of the self-deprecating, knucklehead rhymes that have made him one of the more entertaining MCs to bless the mic.

"Breaking Glass" by Uncut
Originally a dance-rock outfit, this Canadian foursome traded their computers for guitars and have toured with current heavies including Metric, Sloan, and the Walkmen. This track is from their latest album, Modern Currencies.

"Soul Bird" by Jackie Mittoo
This reggae legend recorded this track in the early '70s after leaving his native Kingston for Toronto. The album to which it belongs, Wishbone, branches out into funk and soul and has finally been re-released. Enjoy.

"Altar of Goat Skulls (EXPLICIT)" by 7000 Dying Rats
You can't really call them a group, since their lineup "seems to be dictated by whoever we happen to be drinking with at the time" according to singer and multi-instrumentalist Toney Vast-Binder, the collective's ringleader. Today's grindcore excursion is from their newest album, Season in Hell.

"Thick Ropes (EXPLICIT)" by Planet Asia
Hailing from Fresno, California, Planet Asia has become one of hip-hop's hardest-working yet underrated MCs. With a large collection of independent singles and albums already under his belt, he worked with producer Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) on his new album The Medicine, featuring today's free download.