Friends and Family 40% Discount on ETel Conference

by Bruce Stewart

etel_logo_sm.gifHere's some more great news about our upcoming Emerging Telephony conference. I just got the OK to offer readers of this site our 40% Friends and Family discount if you register before January 29. That's right, 40%! Register today with the code etel07fnf40 to get this great discount. The line-up is looking excellent for this conference, which will be held February 27 to March 1, 2007 in San Francisco, California. Some of the speakers I'm most looking forward to hearing are Om Malik, Alec Saunders, Martin Geddes, Brian Capouch, Lee Dryburgh, David Beckemeyer, Dan York, John Todd, Brian Aker, Mark Spencer...well, as I peruse the conference schedule I'm having a hard time ending this list. Surj and Brady have really lined up an excellent group of presenters for this year's conference. For another interesting take on the sessions and speakers we have planned, check out Nat Torkington's latest Radar post From Walled Gardens to Green Fields.