From Eudora to Gmail

by Giles Turnbull

So, I did it at last: I switched to Gmail. The change happened unexpectedly and suddenly, when after years of sponging from generous friends, I needed to start paying for my own hosting for once.

This switch meant reconfiguring a whole bunch of things, including email accounts, and I came to the conclusion that this was as good a time as any to put Gmail to the test, and properly this time.

The first task was to get all my mail from an existing IMAP account and into Gmail. There's no easy way to do so using my client of choice, Eudora, but a friend gave me a great tip for doing it using Mutt; simply tag all the messages required (this was easy: all messages in my archive folder) then bounce them en masse to a specially-created address at my Gmail account which archived them them all, bypassing the inbox.

That done, I just had to settle down with Gmail. Little things took time to get used to; things like remembering to switch to a browser tab for email tasks, rather than hit Command+Tab to switch to a different application. And things like adding attachments via a dialog box, rather than just dragging them into place.


2006-07-05 16:56:13
What's the Mutt tip? I'd like to do the same.
GC Fiedler
2006-07-05 18:04:53
Eudora has stared to lose its luster to me after many years of usage (1992!), so this article is of interest to me. The problem I have with this article is that its premise is flawed and may confuse some readers.

Eudora and Gmail are not the same thing at all as you unintentionally suggest. Eudora is simply an email client that works with a variety of email accounts.

Gmail is an email account ONLY with web interface and some POP ability. You are lumping Gmail's web interface with the application Eudora. That's like saying Entourage and Hotmail are the same thing.

If one could access other email accounts directly through Gmail - your comparison would be on solid ground. IIRC, Yahoo email allows you to access other accounts (via POP or IMAP) through its web interface. Gmail does not. And though I'm not keen on Yahoo services, Yahoo Mail would be a better web-based comparision than Gmail (which I use and like) for Eudora.

Roland T.
2006-07-05 19:22:13
I have gmail as a backup email address but I really don't like them mining my emails for ads.

I was startled to see recently that Google saved all my search requests when it recognized me, going back many months. I don't have anything to be ashamed of in my searching, but it was eerie to see searches I barely remember, and realize that I'd been tracked and that the information gleaned could be saved for years or decades.

Similarly, I don't like the idea that some kind of information based on personal emails would be saved in order to sell stuff to me.

So, I primarily use Yahoo, whose beta interface I prefer (it's a 3-pane interface like Apple Mail and other mail apps, with drag-and-drop), and which doesn't (yet) retain and use info from my emails.

2006-07-06 00:16:36
@ Jamie: apologies, I should have included the steps above. Here's what I did... (with thanks to Edd Dumbill for passing the tip on to me in the first place).

1. ssh me@my.server

2. mutt -f {me@my.server}INBOX

(you could do INBOX.archive here if you have a sub-folder called
'archive', whatever)

3. To tag everything in a mailbox, use 'T' then '.*'

4. Then do ';b' to batch bounce; mutt will ask you which address to
bounce to, and that's it!

2006-07-06 00:44:57
@GC Fiedler: I didn't intend to suggest Gmail and Eudora were the same thing; however, you're mistaken to say that Gmail is just an account. It *can* be used as a client, albeit a rather unusual one. All email to my domain is bounced to Gmail; all my outgoing messages use Gmail's Accounts feature to alter the reply-to header from that of my Gmail address to my existing address at my personal domain.

It's not a perfect setup but it achieves the desired result. To all intents and purposes, my mail appears to be coming from, and going to, my account. The messages are being bounced in and out of it but the effect is that Gmail is a 'client' for that account.

2006-07-06 13:38:10

Have you looked at this open source project?

AJAX'ified UI - very similar to gmail sans the google spy - i mean advert data miners.

They even have documentation on how to get this running on OS X. It's pretty straightforward, Php + MySQL.


2006-07-06 14:56:06
The pauses don't have anything to do with network lag, I don't think. It's a gecko (i.e., Firefox/Camino) javascript issue. It happens for me on Camino and Firefox but never on Safari or IE/Win. It's by far my least favorite thing about Gmail.
2007-01-24 18:21:26
Sorry, I'm very late to the party (and can only hope that you will read these questions).
While I can't say that I've understood the given description of the Mutt thing, I'd like to ask for some specific details:
- When using Mutt to batch bounce, what will happen to the original date/time stamp? Most mailers change that to the recent time when redirecting.
- What does Mutt add to the headers?
- What happens with attachments (that Eudora AFAIK stores in a completly different directory from the mails with some kind of linking between both) when redirecting?
2007-01-24 18:56:43
...oops, I meant "current" time, not "recent" time..