From the show floor at LinuxWorld!

by Kevin Bedell

This is amazing. I've never been to a major trade show where there was so much buzz and energy out on the show floor!

I'm writing this from a pod of computers provided by HP that are all running Red Hat - a sweet setup seeing so many machines all running Linux.

Everyone's talking about the SCO debacle. People are beginning to wonder out loud if they could've possibly realized the can of worms they were opening! I interviewed to one of the two analysts that actually saw the code that SCO claims was infringed - you can hear the interview via an mp3 recording on the site at :

Some of the other cool interviews were with John Fowler, CTO for Software at Sun Microsystems, Paul Cormier (EVP Engineering at Red Hat, Inc), and Charles Samuals (a committer on the KDE project). All these interviews and a bunch more are in mp3 format at the link above.

Went to an interesting talk this morning by Bruce Perens. He had some intersting thoughts on some of the major challenges facing the open source community right now. I'll be interviewing him tomorrow for a piece to run in LniuxWorld Magazine -- but I'll post info here as well. This is great stuff!

Other than that, it's the usual stuff. People in Penguin suits, guys with old DefCon badges selling "No SCO" shirts in the aisles, and the usual crop of t-shirts with sayings like, "I read your e-mail!".

But the biggest story is just how big Linux has become and how every major company I'm interviewing also says they are giving back to the open source community - IBM has 300 developers working only on committing to open source, Sun has many more as well, Veritas has some, everyone does.

Open Source's time has come. It's like a coming out party!


2003-08-07 02:59:42
Which interview?
You didn't mention who you interviewed about SCO, you didn't link to it directly, and none of the interview descriptions mention it.
2003-08-07 09:02:23
Which interview?
It's the Aberdeen analyst. It's the one titled "SYS-CON Radio Interviews Aberdeen Group".

I'll be following up with more later today.