Frustration, Coming and Going

by Glenn Vanderburg

What a wonderful juxtaposition.

A couple of hours ago, Dave Winer's blog
pointed me to this New York Times article:
The Workaround: 32 Steps to Frustration. It's a very nice look at how buggy most modern software is, and how little help the vendors are when faced with these maddening problems.

Upon finishing that article, I checked the latest headlines, only to be faced with this one:
Microsoft Exec Warns Court of Computer Frustration. The article leads off with this:

Using a personal computer would turn into a confusing and frustrating experience under antitrust sanctions sought against Microsoft Corp. by nine states, a Microsoft executive testified on Thursday.

I don't really think Microsoft needs to worry about us.
They've done a wonderful -- no, an amazing job over the years of convincing their customers that crashes, configuration problems, and frequent reboots are an
unavoidable part of dealing with computers. Most people
seem to just take it in stride. I'll be the first to grant that Microsoft's wares have improved over the years, but there are still frustrations aplenty. I suspect any new ones will be lost in the noise.