Fun with Infogami feeds

by Gregory Brown

Well, I just started using a very cool (albiet non ruby) wiki/blogging service called Infogami. The not so cool thing about it is that as far as I could tell, it only had Atom feeds. Since some of the syndication stuff I use is only compatible with RSS, this was almost a show stopper. Until I found out about FeedTools, of course.

The script below is now tied to a cronjob which runs every 20 minutes converting my atom feeds into rss feeds and mirroring them on my own host.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
%w[rubygems feed_tools fileutils date].each { |l| require l }
URL = ''"index.rss","w") do |f|
`scp ~/index.rss`
puts "feed synced at #{}"

Just another example about how Ruby makes life easier all over the place :)


2006-06-06 15:45:27
Another non-ruby, but simple solution is to send the atom feed through feedburner. Feedburner will gladly take an atom feed and spit out an RSS feed.
Gregory Brown
2006-06-06 15:50:45
hmm. Yeah, I should have googled first i guess. :) Then again, I learned a lot of neat things about LSA setting up authentication and crontab and whatnot that I forgot.

Also, FeedTools can do a LOT more than just this simple example, which is cool.

I'm debating whether I should tie to Feedburner or keep my existing script... will have to think on that.

2006-06-08 07:15:02
Infogami is a half-baked bliki. I havent seen any development on it lately either. Great idea, real crap implementation.
2006-06-08 08:40:50
It's pretty much done everything I've needed it to do. Well, minus the RSS feeds. And minus textile :-/

But I love the bliki idea. Nice to have everything in one place. But then again, I am notorious for keeping things in many places and tying them together via redirects, and this is no exception

Any suggestions for other (free) places? new_haven.rb pays for a StikiPad account which is similar to Infogami but well... costs money.