fun with Inkscape 0.46 svg

by Brian Redfern

How earth shattering could an upgrade from 0.45 to 0.46 be?

In this case there are some really neat new features. For those who are unfamiliar with the software, Inkscape is a visual svg editor. When I first tried svg I was writing the files by hand with Vim. Nothing against VIm, I still use it for coding, but its a lot more fun to create svg's in Inkscape with a nice image editing interface.

I've been able to use it to convert bitmaps into svg's for a while now, but with the 0.46 release we have a whole new dimension with two new tools. There's a deformation tool you can use to mush your drawing like a squishy toy.

Its still beta software, I managed to crash it out when I tried to run a raster effect on a bitmap. There's a whole new set of raster effects, along with a new 3D cube object.

Inkscape doesn't do animation, but for developing svg graphics or any kind of 2D design Inkscape makes svg fun. You can view the results of thirty minutes of playing with the new 3D functionality on my picasa page.


2008-04-03 02:53:08
Did you file the bug? Please do.
I think not many people agree on your Beta qualification.
Some even say that "0.46" doesn't reflect how great a tool it (already) is. Sort of similar to how browsers who lack 100% SVG support, are (already) causing loads of SVG content.
Maybe read my article on 'the state of SVG' at .
Tomas Sancio
2008-04-04 09:07:59
Inkscape is great!! It's really satisfying to find a free app that uses an open graphics format and is very useful for vector-based drawing. More specifically, we have an app that creates pallet loads and exports to SVG (sorry for the plug but it's relevant) so I opened a drawing of a pallet with boxes and was able to rearrange each one of them with Inkscape. Very cool. Kudos to the Inscape developers!
Brian Redfern
2008-04-04 14:38:38
Well, technically its still a beta since its less than 1.0, but I certainly use it all the time for lots of graphic heavy lifting.