Further Open Source Project Polls

by Steve Mallett

Related link: http://www.osdir.com/Poll-27.phtml

The "Open Source Goes to COMDEX" contest was so interesting, and revealing, that I'll be hosting regular polls about open source projects on OSDir.com henceforth. The first is: What is your favorite CMS?

On OSDir.com we try to capture people's thoughts about open source projects as they actually use them, but one thing that, I now see, has been missing is the head to head comparisons. When you have to choose one, which do you recommend?

A great thing about open source is the choice it provides, but sometimes it can get to be a bit much and confuses people who want to try a certain tool. They get caught up in which to try first. I think a Poll can handily answer some of those nagging questions. I promise not to run a vi vs. emacs poll. 8^)

Unlike the Open Source Goes to COMDEX contest you can also write in your own vote (in the comments section).


2003-11-18 12:14:46
write in?
Where can we write in other options? I'm a fan of Forrest: http://xml.apache.org/forrest
2003-11-18 12:20:42
write in?
Well, I meant in the comments section. However; I put it directly in the poll.
2003-11-18 13:34:00
... but you *have* to provide links to the projects! :)

Otherwise this is just a random pile of text :(

I'm sure you could manage it :)

2003-11-18 13:59:49
Nice discussion starter, but the Comdex polls had a huge motivator for involvement.

Other motivators:
- Project sponsorship: Cash for x feature
- ORA Tech Writer for a week (OS needs docs too, eh?)
- Featured articles on ORA Network on said product
- ORA books, Safari subscriptions, etc. to dev. team

Yeah it's no longer a poll--now a voting contest, but does it really matter?

2003-11-18 14:05:17
Ok, I'll take a peek...., but I'm sure people recognize their favourite ones.
2003-11-18 14:08:56
I'd think that having a solid project is motivator enough for a project... as for having a voting poll I think it might be of worth to the reader.

If you're looking for motivation to vote, maybe the CMS just isn't one you feel strongly about. You don't want a vi vs emacs one do you? 8^)

2003-11-18 15:45:31
Not a good poll
You can't really compare many of the things on that list. Slash, Scoop, and PHP Nuke (and maybe others) on that list are basically fancy blog creators. All new content fits into a single mold (a "story"), they offer support for users and comments, etc.

Bricolage, OTOH, and presumably others on the list, are aimed at letting you create your own completely arbitrary look 'n' feel, with completely custom content. So you might have "stories", "reviews", "slideshows", "interviews", etc. And each one might look different, contain different _types_ of content, etc.

These two things are very far apart, and calling the former a CMS is rather misleading. I'm not dissing Slash and Scoop, because they do something very useful, but if you need a CMS, they are not the right tools for the job.

2003-11-18 16:01:40
Not a good poll
Hmmm. That's an interesting point. Though off the top of my head most of these apps call themselves CMSs. No?
2003-11-19 01:49:50
How about provding links to all the projects on that list? There were quite a few I didn't know about before.
2003-11-19 05:31:12
Perhaps... but this is about letting people know about the projects they don't recognize...

You should also tie the polls to the projects: e.g. there should be a link from a project page to the polls a project was featured in.

The name of the game is link. This is the web :)

2003-11-19 10:11:55
How 'bout Mambo?
I think Mambo Open Source (www.mamboserver.com) deserves to be on the list as well.

Granted, version 4.5 is still in beta (although prior versions are stable), but it has some great features - including arguably the best and cleanest administration backend
(http://www.mamboserver.com/demo/ -> Administrator, usr: admin, pw: admin).