Gadget money (or saving the world)

by Matthew Langham

If you are like me then you know that the world will only survive if we keep on buying the newest gadgets as they come out.

Most of the stuff I buy is now centered around my iBook. And as it is the center of my digital world (at least someone told me that) I was left with the job of buying the rim. So first a digital camera. And yesterday (together with a few other things) I ordered an iPod. Ok, so I already have a Nike MP3 player - but that is at least 2 months old and will not store thousands of songs (not that I actually have that many - but hey remember the world will end if we don't buy these things).

So, the question remains as to how we pay for them. If - like me - you are married to someone who doesn't realize about the world ending and all that - then it's always "difficult" explaining why you need the new gadget that just leapt off the production line. You will have heard these common arguments from "those who do not understand": we need food, clothes, housing, vacation, shoes for Joey,..

Here's my solution: I write the occasional article for various publications and so manage to earn a few extra $$ which I can then donate towards saving the world.

How do you convince your nearest and dearest that you really must save the world?


2002-08-28 10:29:22
I'm So Concerned About the World ...
... that I started an entire business dedicated to saving it. In addition to my donations to EFF, I'm supporting all the spokes in the digital hub too. Just to be a good citizen mind you ...
2002-08-28 14:07:37
I heard the world would stop revloving it...
I didn't buy Jaguar plus an addition 256mgs of Ram today... so, I did.

Whew, I know I feel safer now.


2002-09-03 12:31:48
ibook and OS X speed
I have been holding my breath waiting for an iBook G4. Since, I am now quite blue in the face and with no G4 iBook in the near future could you tell me how well the iBook handles OS X (10.1)? Is it up to snuff on daily tasks (i.e. email, Office X, iPhoto, iTunes, running DVD movies) or do you see a lot of spinning beach balls? I have a loaner desktop G4, but would like to get back to the mobility of a laptop. The PowerBook is beyond my financial means, but an iBook that handles OS X well could make the jump feasible. Any insight or input? Thanks!
2003-09-17 17:36:26
ibook and OS X speed
I would check out the review posted on, one of the fellows there switched from mac os X because it was too slow on his ibook 500 to Linux. I am currently stuck in pc land, and use linux for all of my regular computer duties, with only windows booting for audio applications. I have been considering an ibook for portability and as a portable stereo recording/mastering platform, with firewire drives for cdburning and audio storage, but the slowness of desktop apps would irritate me beyond reason. If I were you, I would check out ebay or and look at the used and refurbished sections, the used g4 powerbooks they have listed are in the 1500.00 price range. Good luck.