Gary Gray on New Ubiquity Developer Network

by Bruce Stewart

Ubiquity's Gary Gray was interviewed by Greg Galitzine recently over on and he talks a bit about their newly-launched developer network (UDN).

A large part of the UDN initiative is focused around the identification of developers to bring into the program, and the maturing of their skills on the Ubiquity SIP A/S platform. In line with this strategy, the UDN Web site provides a tremendous resource to developers to become productive in developing new applications. Developers gain access to free software downloads, including Ubiquity's SIP A/S platform, developer tools, tutorials, white papers, developer forums and blogs -- everything they need to become productive with Ubiquity.

If you're a SIP developer I suggest you check out what Ubiquity is doing. They understand that promoting a healthy developer ecosystem is good for everyone involved, and you'll find a lot of resources and available help if you're interested in developing applications for Ubiquity's SIP application server.


RJ Auburn
2006-08-04 18:08:58
Great to see Ubiquity offering a good developer site. More developers need to be exposed to Speech and Telephony in order for us to truly reach Voice 2.0. Voxeo has been a big supporter of this vision for several years now with our Evolution developer program. It's great to see it becoming more and more mainstream.