GeekCast - Robert Scoble and Local Salt Lake City Geeks Not-So-Anonymous

by M. David Peterson

Update: My apologies for not updating this post, and to those of you who didn't see the release of part three from a while back. In short, part three is now @ now available, (though has been for some time :D).

Update: Part two of three is now available.

Update: Part one of what looks to be about three recorded segments now available.

Update: I ran out of steam before finishing the editing (I live/work on GMT (for the most part, anyway), so my day is just now getting started again), but am moving forward with finishing this up and getting these posted for download/streaming. I will update with a new post when ready.

To those of you involved with this recording: If you would like access to the raw, unedited WAV files to use for your own purpose, please see my most recent comment to Robert's original post.


[Original Post]
Just got back from lunch with Robert Scoble and the local Salt Lake City Chapter of Geeks Not-So-Anonymous. I have in my possession ~ hour and half worth of audio recordings of some of the best geek-related group conversations I have had in a LONG time! REALLY GOOD STUFF!

I am going to spend some time now editing as much of it as I can, making the result available for download and streaming just as soon as its ready.

In the mean time, here are a few pics. Enjoy!

NOTE: If you happen to be one of those folks involved with this conversation, can you please leave a comment with your name, and point out to the rest of the folks which of the pics is of you, such that those who might read and listen can place a name to a face, and then play "guess that voices name and face" while they listen to the podcast?

Thanks! :D

Thumbnails with the links to the Photo's are below:


Tadd Giles
2006-08-04 13:15:55
Hey David it was nice meeting you. It was an fun lunch and conversation for me too.

I'm the big guy in the yellow shirt.

Have fun!

Michael Moncur
2006-08-04 14:30:28
I'm in the far corner of the table, on the top right in the 5th picture, light green shirt. My wife (Laura Moncur) is next to me in the bright green shirt.

Nice meeting you all!

Ryan Hawley
2006-08-04 15:25:06
It was a great geek brunch that's for sure! Very informative too, we hit a lot of good issues that i think we could have had days of discussion to hash out.

Very cool meeting you all. We'll get this geek community here in Utah up and more public.. we're the next Silicone Valley! heheh

Ryan Hawley
2006-08-04 15:27:10
oh.. i'm in the blue stripped shirt.
Tim Stay
2006-08-04 17:04:29
Thanks for the pics. It was a nice discussion.
Tim Stay
2006-08-04 17:05:13
I was sitting to your left, in the grey shirt.
Michael Hoover
2006-08-04 19:24:39
Very good conversations!

I'm the guy in the hat.

Laura Moncur
2006-08-07 06:51:33
I just realized I was the only girl at the table. I didn't even notice when we were all there eating. God, that was a good conversation. Robert is such a quiet and unassuming genius. I'm so glad I was there!
M. David Peterson
2006-08-07 08:54:47
Hey Laura,

Thanks for the comment (as well to the rest of you for taking the time to comment/leave behind "identity" info for those who listen-in)! :D

I must admit that you brought and added level of understanding to the conversation that was INVALUABLE! Growing up with five sisters, I learned at an early age that women can cut directly through the fog we men tend to exhale when its just us guy geeks rambling about who knows what, and/or why. :D Add a girl geek with as much real world experience as you have DEFINITELY brought the conversation out of the fog, and into some pretty enlightening discussions.

Thanks! :D

In fact, there is still more to come, the third of which is probably 10 minutes longer than the other two, but is taking a while to edit as a few people had to leave mid-way through, but in doing so sparked another GREAT conversation regarding Genealogy, and the advances in computer technology that are aiding in bringing the LDS Church's MASSIVE MicroFilm/Fiche collection online and available 24/7 to a worldwide audience. I'm trying to mold it into something a bit more fluid, but may end up breaking it out into four total segments, with the Genealogy segment as a separate, yet short (~5 minutes) podcast.

Today's kind of a catch up day given that its Monday, so it will more than likely be tomorrow morning before I get these last segments finished and posted.

Of course, I will ping all know sources, as well as post a new entry on this blog when they're ready to go.

Until then (and thanks again! Definitely some seriously interesting discussions, and resulting podcast content!)

Jared Smith
2006-08-07 13:39:04
Thanks for doing this. That was a lot of fun.
2006-08-29 09:13:32
Is part three still coming? Thanks for sharing your photos and audio.
M. David Peterson
2006-08-30 16:42:02
Hey Jeremy,

I forgot to update this post, but I released part three a while back >

My apologies for not updating this post! I was in a rush, and completely forgot!

2006-09-08 15:38:59
Thanks so much!!!

2007-06-17 18:08:58
When is the next part coming, great discussions. Cheers