[GeekCast:PartThree] Robert Scoble + SLC Geeks :: Blogging & Podcasting for Beginners; Growing The Global Tech Economy via Overseas Tech Work Force

by M. David Peterson

As per the title run-on-sentence suggests, in this edition of The SLC Geekcast, Come fly the friendly skys of Primus and Southbound Airlines (with a twist) as Robert Scoble provides his "Guide to Blogging & Podcasting for Beginners: How to Get Noticed". There's also what I believe to be one of the more interesting conversations I've been involved with in regards to the Overseas Tech Work Force and the importance this work force has in the growth of the Global Tech Economy.

GeekCast:PartThree is now available in MP3, WMA, and OGG formats.

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The tracks from Primus and Monica & Dem Franchize Boyz can be purchased from Amazon.com and Sony Music Store, respectively.