[GeekCast:PartTwo] Robert Scoble + SLC Geeks :: Communities, S3, and DRM - Will The First Two Save Us From The Last?

by M. David Peterson

In this episode I immediattely get my blind eyes corrected in regards to my opinions about community generated content. I now see the light -- Community-based content development has a brighter future than I have ever given it credit, and is, in fact, the past, present, and future of a successful business on the internet.

Couple communities with the ability that services such as Amazon's S3 provide to quickly and cheaply develop and test new ideas without need for significant venture capital and, in my opinion, the result of locking down content with DRM-like controls will be that of locking you out of, instead if into, the market.

Does Scoble agree?

Listen to Sam Roberts lead you into and out of the answer in this second of three episodes of Scoble and the SLC Geeks, available now in MP3, WMA, and OGG formats.

Update: QuotationsPage.com, run by Michael and Laura Moncur [photo, Michael's blog], is the primary topic that led the focus of this conversation.

Michael, Laura: Truly FANTASTIC and VALUABLE information you've provided for the rest of us. Thanks! :D

NOTE: To save you the hassle of locating the related threads, I posted part one of this series yesterday morning.

Update: Worth noting are the lyrics to the chosen intro and exit for this edition: Sam Roberts "The Gate" from his recently released album, Chemical City.

My favorite line,


Brian Thomas
2006-08-08 06:25:09
Your progress is commendable, young paduan.

Now if only you could learn the correct use of the apostrophe...

M. David Peterson
2006-08-08 09:49:59
Hi Brian,

I obviously did a pretty horrible job proofreading. I *think* I caught all of the mistakes, but will read through again just to make sure.

Thanks for the catch!