Geeks and Phone Guys: Friends at last

by Jim Van Meggelen

One of the coolest things about open-source telephony, I am finding, is the sense of community it is fostering between Network/IT geeks and telecom gurus.

Traditionally, these two groups have trouble getting along. The geeks can't understand why the phone guys are so inflexible (it's not their fault, honest), and the telecom gurus don't get where the geeks are coming up with all these ideas about customization, database integration, standards-compliance, scripting and openness.

Now, there's a product they both can love.

I hear many stories about IT and telecom departments--historically at odds with each other--gathered shoulder-to-shoulder around this open-source PBX called Asterisk.

I'm certain that this is culturally significant.

Have you had similar experiences with Asterisk?