Geotagging / Geolocating your flickr photos with Yahoo! zonetag and locr - a short tutorial

by Glenn Letham

ok... more on the geotagging photos sent to flickr via shozu and my Nokia N95 GPS-enabled smartphone. I've recently been doing some research to figure out exactly how to geotag my photos, and get them up on flickr then view on a map. From the outside looking it one would think, "no problemmo", however, things are not often as simple as they would seem. Luckily there's a couple of good third party apps that work very well. Those of you that depend on out of the box functionality that wil accomplish this will have to try again!


Peter Cranstone
2007-09-04 12:13:21

We built a simple demo that shows you how easy it is to do. Go to and click on mobile demo's. Click on the second link and the choose geo location using photo's. Simply use the page to upload a photo with GPS coordinates in and we do the rest. It's not a finished or super polished demo, but it's not hard to do.

Works on your desktop or mobile phone. In fact it will work perfectly with your Nokia.



Imran Ali
2007-09-15 14:06:53
Hey Glenn - you might wanna take a look at HoudahGeo for OSX ( It lets you use Google Maps to embed geocodes directly into the EXIF tags of a JPEG image.
2008-01-15 06:54:02
Hi Glenn,

I recommend you to try GPSed Photo Take'n'Pin ( - simple and free Windows-based software that adds location coordinates (geotags) to your photos. With service you can record tracks from your N95 (in fact wide range of mobile handsets is supported) and store, manage and share them in online archive.