Get Flickr Photostreams on Your Cell Phone

by Bruce Stewart

neomat.gif Lots of web applications are making the leap to smaller, mobile devices these days. Following the recent news that you can now download the Wikipedia to your ipod, neomat is announcing a free service that optimizes flickr picture delivery to mobile phones. (There's no charge for the neomat hub service, but obviously your cellular data charges will apply).

Now whenever a Flickr group you belong to has new content, you can receive the image resized for mobile phones along with any associated text. netomat hub members can also invite friends to their Flickr hub for group chat about the Flickr content. From the press release:

"We believe the next lucrative stage for digital photography vendors comes in the form of facilitating access to personal photos from anywhere at anytime on any device," said Jill Aldort, senior consultant at InfoTrends. "Compatible photo sharing and messaging services, like netomat and Flickr, facilitate such a community by connecting consumers using tools like camera phones, instant messaging and web portals."