Get Podcasts Directly to Your Nokia

by Bruce Stewart

PhoneBoy has the scoop on Nokia's new Podcast application designed for its media-centric N91 model smartphone. This little app allows you to bypass the step of downloading podcasts to your PC in order to transfer them to your Nokia and lets your phone have direct access to the wide world of podcasts out there. PhoneBoy notes that the program will not just work on the N-series Nokias, but should also work on any Series 60 version 3 handset, including Nokia E series phones.

While I'm still not convinced that I want my phone and my portable audio player to converge onto one device, apps like this will surely make the idea of phone-as-MP3 player more palatable to some. As PhoneBoy concludes:
For me, at least, this application makes the whole idea of owning an iPod less desirable and makes it much easier for me to get podcasts to my phone.