Get Started With .NET 3.0

by Jesse Liberty

I'm very proud to announce the relase of my first Short Cut: Getting Started With .NET 3 available for $9.99 here.

The goal of this Short Cut is to get you up and running with the future of Microsoft programming: .NET 3.

It is a preview of what is to come, to be fleshed out in a full Programming Book to be released as quickly as our tiny little fingers can type. But this is no white-paper; with this Short Cut you will create a real, meaningful application (Me!Trade) and get a good look at what the Windows Presentation Foundation and the Windows Communication Foundation have to offer (QuoteWrong Web Service), as well as a quick-peek both at Windows Workflow and at CardSpaces (Passport on steroids)


Mike Groom (UK)
2006-10-27 13:11:06

About the Database...

I'm working my way through the Short Cut and I like the "hands on approach". Where do I find the scripts to create the SqlExpress database? I can only find a link to the full back up on the O'Reilly site. Can you supply a link please?