Get Up and Running with Dojo

by Matthew Russell

After a lot of article writing over the past few years, I've managed to put together a slightly longer piece in the form an O'Reilly Short Cut: Get Up and Running with Dojo. As it turns out, this Short Cut is the forerunner to my upcoming O'Reilly book that's targeted for early next year.

In a nutshell, the Short Cut is 50 pages and was written to do exactly what the title implies. Since I first become involved with Dojo about a year ago, a common theme I've noticed (myself included) is that developers tend to have a little bit of trouble just picking it up and running with it. The entire premise of this Short Cut was to lower that barrier to entry as effectively as it could be in a couple of sittings. The Short Cut was written against the latest 0.9 release of Dojo and should be fully compatible with the soon to be released 1.0 version (If it's not, then we'll update it and make it so.)

The Short Cut is rich with code examples on the raw fundamentals of building object-oriented widgets and is written with the "average" web developer in mind. While the upcoming book will be the full monty, this Short Cut should serve you well, give you a jump start on your Dojo efforts, and be a valuable hands-on resource that will save you a lot of time.


2007-10-26 07:57:26
Maybe your article could have included one sentence on what Dojo actually is?