Get Your Automation Mojo Working

by Derrick Story

After a recent chat with AppleScript guru Sal Soghoian (who is also the Automation Product Manager for Apple), I learned that using scripts to enhance the Aperture workflow has been a concept embraced by the engineers from the get-go. Sal talks about this at length in a podcast I recorded for airing on this site in the near future. But he also urged me to remind you about the Aperture Automator site that features a ton of goodies for Aperture users.

We're also going to devote lots of energy to automation on this site. You might have noticed that we included an "Actions and Workflows" section in the initial launch. We'll build out that section more in the coming weeks. But for now, you might want to visit the Automator site and get your feet wet. There are four new actions in version 1.5, and there's more detail about them there.