Getting More Info About Parallels Desktop or Mac

by Todd Ogasawara

O'Reilly received questions about Parallels Desktop for Mac from reader M.D. and sent it on to me. M.D. asks:

I see the PDF you have for sale.

1. What does it add to the Parallel manual?
2. Is there a "missing manual" or idiot's dummy guide for parallel?

M.D.: My O'Reilly Short Cuts PDF Windows for Intel Macs focuses on giving Mac users tips on using Microsoft Windows XP on a Mac. The value-add for Parallels users running Windows as a Guest OS lies in two main areas. First, it provides basic Windows configuation and security information. Second, it provides Parallels specific tips where appropriate. For example, the fact that Safe Mode boot does not work and a reminder to make simple backups of the virtual hard disk file to remove the need for Safe Boot. I've attached the Table of Contents for the PDF at the end of this blog entry.

I also answer questions about virtualization now and then in one of my personal blogs. You can click on the virtualization category in its left sidebar to find virtualization specific items. I plan on posting more items specifically about running Windows Vista in Parallels over the next few months.

You should also take a look at Parallel's Official Blog maintained by the main PR guy Ben Rudolph (who is way more techie that the typical tech company PR person IMHO).