Getting Oracle and CVS to play together

by Paul Browne

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We're currently doing some Oracle work as part of a Java development project and have come across a problem that must have been solved before.

We need to synchronise Oracle Databases, both over time (get DB to the state it was at a particular time) and locations (We have developers working on multiple sites with the only thing in common being CVS).We need a script rather than binary solution (so standard Oracle replication is out).

Our current solution involves custom Ant tasks and scripting the changes to the database (both static data and database object changes) in an incremental manner. The Database and CVS will be synchronised when a 'CVS commit' is carried out, with the usual CVS mantra of the 2nd developer to commit being responsible for sorting out any conflicts.

While this solution works well, I can't help but think there must be a better, more standard way ...

What do readers think? Are there any products/ solutions that you would recommend for this problem?


2006-04-11 22:04:06
One would think that there would be a better way to link CVS and database development code, but... a lot of things about software development has not changed in practice even though we may have the knowledge and we may have the technology.