Getting Organized

by Matthew Langham

Over the past few years I have had my fair share of PDAs, starting out with the first Sharp Zaurus und then eventually moving to a Palm. However I never really "used" them enough to warrant the high cost (well, that's what my wife said anyway). So eventually I got rid of them and looked for alternatives.

Most of my life centres around well work. And at work I organize things using Microsoft Outlook (using the calendar for most things even tasks). Now my private life (married father of 3 young kids) also holds a lot of things that need organizing and for that we have 2 (!) wall calendars in the kitchen (paper ones just so you don't get me wrong).

But there is no synching between the paper calendars at home and my outlook calendar at work. So when I want to check on whether my wife will kill me if I go on a business trip for a couple of days (when I should be looking after the kids) I still need to pick up the phone and check.

Now there must be an easier way of doing this. We have a (wireless) Internet connection at home so we could maintain the calendar on our iBook (using iCal) and then synch the whole thing over the Internet using SyncML. I suppose any calendar maintained on the iBook could then be printed out and put up on the wall of the kitchen.

But you have to remember to keep the wall calendar and the iBook in synch by hand!

My current mobile phone (the Ericsson T68i) has contacts and calander and I could synchronize that with the iBook (using bluetooth) and then with Microsoft outlook at work (using the infrared port) pretty easily. The T68i also does SyncML - so I could use that as well.

But there is still the problem of that wall calendar. Now nothing beats that for "read and write access speed" (just pick up the pen and scribble the appointment in no system to start - easy). But then you have to remember to type in the appointments into the iBook calendar.

I want a wall calendar that I can write on - and that will automatically send the new appointments via WiFi to my iBook. That would be a start!

So how do you manage and organize your private and business appointments? How do you keep them in synch? Let me know.


2002-08-24 10:29:51
Wall calendar
The only - probably hairbrained - idea I have is point a webcam at your wall-calendar (is the resolution good enough?) and build a password-protected page so you can access it from anywhere. And maybe develop code-words and phrases for sensitive material.

Life is simpler for the single Palm-soloist.

2003-01-02 08:51:23
Syncing it all
I gave up on the sync and have gone back to a paper planner that I carry every where. My company uses lotus I use outlook, and palm os and i countinully have sync problems it is just easier to do it all by hand. when will all the platforms learn to just get along?