Building Archiva from Source: a prerelease test drive

by Tim O'Brien

I started the Maven Registry merely as a personal tool, I just needed a better way to search the Maven repository, and the result became an unpolished web application which gets a fair amount of daily traffic (about 1k searches/day). Maven Registry is a stop gap solution, the repository parsing scripts are written in Ruby on Rails so the sytem doesn't benefit from the libraries that the Maven project is producing that read a POM and take care of interpolating and ineriting values from POMs that extend other POMs. Plus, it is a one man effort, I *could* make Maven registry an open source project, but, honestly, I'm more interested in reaping the benefits of the Maven Repository Manager (MRM) which is now being refered to as Archiva. In other words, Maven Registry is a useful little tool, but, eventually, you should be using Archiva to search the repository, and when i see that Archiva is ready and that someone has created a derivative that allows for public searching, Maven Registry will be no more.

If you have a Maven repository on your local filesystem, and you are interested in directions for taking a prerelease version of Archiva for a test drive, read on.