Getting Together for SVG Open 2005

by Antoine Quint

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The Call for Papers of SVG Open 2005, the annual Scalable Vector Graphics gathering, has just been issued. 2005 marks the 4th consecutive year SVG Open is running, coming back to Europe this year as it is set in Enschede in the Netherlands, following three succesfull stints in Zürich, Vancouver and Tokyo.

It's highly likely that topics such as mobile SVG, mapping and GIS applications, new standards in the SVG realm (JSR-226, SVG 1.2, SVG Tiny 1.2 and sXBL) and new exciting SVG-centric products will be starring at this conference. I'm probably going to at least present about my recent public project, the premier community website, I hope a lot of readers from the O'Reilly Networks seize the opportunity to come educate themselves further about SVG as most of the SVG luminaries will be around. I also hope that people that have not shown up at previous SVG Open events will come and enlighten us with their own SVG activities.

SVG has certainly been gaining momentum through 2004, especially in the mobile space with SVG Tiny, and summer of 2005 should be a very interesting time to reflect on the state of SVG. For more information about the conference, the SVG Open 2005 website should satisfy your every needs. See you in Enschede!