Gifting iTunes

by Erica Sadun

As today is my birthday, I thought I'd share a couple of ways to give the gift of iTunes. If you know a person's e-mail address, you can send them an iTunes gift without having to visit a bricks & mortar store. I'm not sure whether an iTunes gift is up there with a fancy dinner, wine and flowers or, say, a new red Ferrari but it may help you out of a last-minute fix for that iPod-enabled special someone.

Gifting a Playlist To buy any playlist, select its name in the playlist column and then click the arrow to the right of its name. (Assuming you've set the "Show links to the Music Store" option in iTunes preferences.) A dialog opens asking whether you want to give the playlist as a gift or publish it as an iMix. Click Give Playist. iTunes will prompt you to fill out the Gift Recipient information and handle the payment terms.

Buying a Gift certificate iTunes Gift Wizard walks you through the steps to purchase and send an iTunes gift certificate, which you can send by e-mail or US mail or print to a hardcopy. Gift amounts range from $10 to $200.


Lisa Spangenberg
2006-04-21 11:58:21
There's another way--and it's a lot of fun.

You can give a specific "song" to someone, with just their email address, and 99 cents. I tried to make this a meme, but no luck. What you do is
1. Find the song you want to give.

2. Click the link for the album containing the song.

3. On the album's page, near the top, is an organge "new" button, and a link that says "Gift this Album." Click it.

4. Scroll down the list of tracks on the album until you find the one you want to give, then click the Gift this Song button.

5. You'll be given a form to fill out with your friend's email address, and a choice of emailing them a link to download the song you've bought, or printing out a gift certificate that allows them to do the same thing.

6. Windows users seem to have better luck downloading the song with I.E. than FireFox; it's a very long URL and may be broken in the email.

Erica Sadun
2006-04-21 12:02:50
Nice find. Thanks!
2006-04-22 00:25:45
There is a problem with gifting a particular item. There are several items available now that are subscriptions: pay one price, get all available now, receive all future releases of that "season." The problem is that you can not gift this. It will instead charge you the total of the individual items that are currently available. In the case where I tried this they were trying to charge me more for the combined total of what was currently available than they would have for the season, which would have given me all current and some future items.
2007-02-01 06:34:37
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2007-05-25 01:23:07
Thank you for mentioning the "Show links to the Music Store" bit... I couldn't figure out what was wrong, why I couldn't gift a playlist , and your note above really helped me out. Thanks!
2008-01-29 11:40:19
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2008-02-29 00:28:23
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