Giggle of the Day: if Microsoft made vi

by Erica Sadun

"How the vi editor would seem if it has been made by Microsoft"

It's not exactly safe for work, but I found this animated GIF hilarious.


2007-03-13 12:06:11
That was so funny. Bonus geek points for being an animated GIF.
2007-03-13 14:06:18
Jasmina Neumann
2007-03-13 14:54:47
Wonderful ;-)
Dr Drang
2007-03-13 19:10:58
A few years ago, someone with too much time on his hands actually added a Clippy character to nvi and called the resulting monstrosity "Vigor." It was inspired by a storyline in the User Friendly comic strip. Vigor still has a home page at SourceForge:

Vigor used bitmapped graphics, though; I think the character graphics in the animated GIF are more vi-like.

2007-03-14 06:54:52
In the evergreen Mac vs. PC debate, this is the best / funniest string I have ever seen.

Be sure to scroll down in related videos to see the Microsoft masked warrior respond.