Give Good Food To Your Mac

by Oliver Breidenbach

Top European developers have banded together to offer a Mac software feast under the headline "Give Good Food to Your Mac" to holiday shoppers over the next ten days. In contrast to other deals in the past, this one offers a steeper discount the more products you choose. A kind of ad hoc bundle deal.

This is another experiment at gaining attention for the products of innovative Mac developers. Apple sells more than 2 million Macs in a Quarter, but for independent Mac software developers it remains a challenge to reach a larger audience.


Vince LaMonica
2007-11-25 12:22:58
Can't wait to see how this pans out. The list of software developers participating in this venture is a good one! My wallet is ready. Now I need to pass this on to my less "3rd party-centric" friends and tell them the benefits of some of this amazing software!
2007-11-25 12:59:09

I am trying to find some talented Mac developer for porting my existing Windows application. I am not sure where to even look for the Mac guys. The project details are:
We have a plugin that adds certain features to desktop email client Outlook on Windows, and same features for Webmail clients like Yahoo Mail, Gmail etc on IE. The OL plugin is written in VB6. The Webmail plugin is written in C++.

I would like to port this plugin to the Mac platform and have it work for the default mail client on Macintosh, as well as for the Webmails when viewed in the Safari browser.

I am looking for a very experienced developer / organization that has extensive experience in developing addons / plugins for Macintosh Mail client as well as Safari.

If you have experience in one and not the other, it is fine. I will simply split the project.

Some Questions:
(1) What experience do you have developing Addons / Plugins for Apple's Mail Client
(2) What experience do you have developing Addons / Plugins for Safari Browser
(3) What experience do you have developing Addons / Plugins for Firefox Browser
(4) Where is your development team located

2007-11-26 05:37:15
Rohit, check out:
2007-11-28 00:30:41
can't say that i was thrilled with the choices available...seems like a stretch to think anyone would purchase 10 of the available apps...after my first two - cssedit and pixelmator - it was tough finding a third. still, i like the idea and i hope it brought in a lot of money to these developers.
Steven Fisher
2007-12-04 14:08:03
Yes, I was spammed with this offer already. Spam with a cause is still spam.