Give the fox a compass

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

Recently working on setting up a server, I investigated mod_rewrite to prevent easy hot-linking of a specific element and stumbled on a Safari/Firefox idiosyncrasy. It still has me worried I am nothing but a big dodo, though...


2006-03-24 09:29:04
Quit being a cheeky monkey and let people link to things. Problem solved.
2006-03-24 09:36:06

Thanks for your input. The reason I put this script in place is that the file, downloaded in itself makes little to no sense — it is part of a group of documents. Since linking to it could cause more confusion than anything, it was decided to "protect" it so. Now, I have never been hot on preventing hot-linking since it is, indeed, a rather important element of the Internet and can be a very positive thing.

I should also mention this is not my personal server.


2006-03-24 12:40:04
I've not thought about it a lot, but it sounds like Firefox may be erring on the side of security here?
2006-03-25 03:59:06

I guess the two development teams indeed chose to go for what seemed to them the most secure and sensical. To a webmaster, I guess Safari's way is most useful, since it accurately reflects where a visitor comes from but, to a developer, Firefox behavior provides more information on where the point of failure lies.


2007-09-11 03:26:18
Safari's way is the most correct to me since JS is a client-side language and it have to rely on where the client is at.