give your low-end Canon digital camera RAW support

by Carla Schroder
"If you have a point-and-click digital camera made by Canon, you may be able to turn on all sorts of features usually reserved for more expensive SLRs. That includes live histograms, depth-of-field calculation, under and overexposure highlighting, and -- best of all -- shooting your pictures in RAW. The secret is CHDK, an enhanced, free software replacement firmware."

This sounds pretty darned cool, and it illustrates the nature of this newfangled digital world- it's all in the software. Of course, the optics and the camera sensor are important, but in the end the software does most of the work. Software translates the data from the camera sensor, software runs your photo printer, software makes your pretty pics into Web galleries. Amazing stuff.


linux photoshop
2007-09-11 07:54:02
I'll be the first one to comments, and I just want to say thank you for sharing this cool articles.