by Erica Sadun

A while back some site or another started giving away free Mac applications, one a day. I downloaded a bunch of them thinking that they'd give me some good blog fodder at some point. Today I trashed pretty much all of them, most of them before I ever got around to installing them.

Here's the thing about free applications. Unless you have an absolute use for them, unless there's a compelling reason to install and test them out, they sit around taking up disk space. And they add clutter to the system, making it harder to find important files that you want to keep.


2007-05-17 17:31:37
and well wasnt mac built with pieces of *BSD?, doesnt that make mac mostley crap?
*BSD OS' ARE free software, so is linux, apache, firefox, and the list just goes on and on! and they are very fine pieces of sotware.
Yes all these are OS but they are free software too.
Erica Sadun
2007-05-17 19:41:20
Anonymous: No, it doesn't make Mac mostly crap and it doesn't make many fabulous open source projects mostly crap. The existence of wonderful free software doesn't negate the existence of a lot of bad free software.