Giving honesty 'Arun' for it's money?

by Kevin Bedell

Recently it's been confirmed that employees of the JBoss Group have been for some time been making anonymous and/or fake posts on the The Server Side and other Java community sites.

They've been aggressively promoting their platform by pretending to be people who are using JBoss and like it -- and just as aggressively they've been attacking people who speak against them or their products.

They even used fake names while loudly accusing people who posted against their views of being imposters themselves.

When fakers like this pollute the knowledge space we all share and count on to help move technology and innovation forward, we all lose. It's time to stand up and demand better.

Another example of this is the annual ballot stuffing that occurs in the voting for the Java Developer's Journal (JDJ) Reader's Choice Awards. It seems every company that has a product nominated sends out e-mail blasts to their employees encouraging them to vote for the company's products.

Some companies raise this ballot stuffing to an art form. Their mottos seem to be, "Vote early, vote often, and write a perl script to keep voting for you after you leave for the day".

As a member of JDJ's advisory board and Editor in Chief of its sister title, LinuxWorld Magazine, this really bothers me. We really want to be a great resource for the community, but we know that the fakers compromise everything.

As a community we need to demand better of ourselves and our peers; and as individuals we need to have more integrity. If we keep our shared knowledge space clean and reasonably trustworthy, we're all better off.

(JDJ this evening posted a similar editorial from Rickard Oberg and Cameron Purdy, two people who worked hard to help expose and publicize the details behind the fake JBoss postings.)