GLOBALedit Export Plug-in for Apple's Aperture

by Dominique James

You can now get from Apple's Aperture download page, a new free export plug-in that allows you to directly connect to the GLOBALedit website. If you are already using GLOBALedit, or you are considering of using GLOBALedit, and you are on the Mac and Apeture platform, then this plug-in is definitely for you.

The interface of GLOBALedit's plug-in for Apple's Aperture allows you to sign into the service and enter comprehensive data.

GLOBALedit, a company owned and operated by Industrial Color, is yet another online digital workflow solution primarily directed to professional photographers and their creative network of affiliates, associates and clients. It allows for the sharing and collaboration of what they say as "massive photo libraries" with many different people from various locations via the Internet. The plug-in is a direct gateway into your GLOBALedit web-based account.

Once your photos are uploaded to GLOBALedit, they are now available to anyone in your work team for use. Using the GLOBALedit interface, you can do such things as edit, approve, and distribute your high-resolution image files. You can also handle online the many associated tasks with images such as photo selections and approval, contact sheet creation, image markups and retouching, layout creation, metadata layering, and long-term file management and archiving.

What you are getting with GLOBALedit is a suite of tools that bridges your work and spans the network from across desktops and online environments. And, with what they claim as a secure and scalable infrastructure, they also boast of being able to accommodate huge libraries and photo collections in RAW format. With this setup, you're supposed to make the most out of your photo images because they are easily and readily available online for your and your team to work on, and because of the workflow tools they've programmed, for you to be able to make the most out of these digital images by pushing them as content to your business channels. In no time at all.

GLOBALedit wants to help you streamline and even simplify the whole expanse of production, post-production, content deliveries, and image management within a single framework. And with the plug-in, beginning with Apple's Aperture. This solution might be just what you're looking for. Head over to the GLOBALedit site at and to the Industrial Color site as well at for more details, and to assess for yourself whether this online solution service will work for you.