Gmail account price crash

by brian d foy

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Wired News reports that the bottom has fallen out of Gmail account selling, and indeed it has. A couple of days ago I checked eBay to see how the accounts were trading and the high price was around $50 for auctions with less than 10 minutes to go. Today (right now), there are auctions that will end before I finish this post and their highest bids are under $5. The highest bid for auctions finishing in the next ten minutes is under $15.

Unfortunately, it looks like some poor slobs bid high prices on the longer term auctions, so they are going to end up on the line for several times the going rate.

eBay also lists 56 pages of results for my simple search of "gmail". Now current account holders should create artificial scarcity if they want to drive the price back up.

How much is a gmail account worth to you?


2004-06-11 15:50:09
Gmail accounts not so scarce anymore
The reason for the price drop in the value of a Gmail account is becuase Google has decided to expand their beta testing for the service. For anyone with an existing beta Gmail account, you are now allowed to email three friends to invite them to join the beta program by getting their own Gmail account. This means that someone with a Gmail account simply can go ahead and offer for sale three Gmail account on Ebay, rather than offering them to friends. When this same action is multiplied by many others doing exactly the same thing, suddenly there is now a buyers market for Gmail accounts on Ebay.

Gary Miller

Juicers For Less

2004-06-11 17:37:21
Gmail accounts not so scarce anymore
Yep, that's what happens when supply exceeds demand.
2004-06-23 13:44:35
Stupid people.

There are gmail accounts up for grabs everywhere. If anyone is retarded enough not to search for one.... *sigh*

To #%* with them.