Gmail Mobile is Here

by Dave Mabe

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In BlackBerry Hacks, Hack #29 is Six Ways to Check Your Gmail from a BlackBerry. I'll need to add a couple more ways now.

That's because today Google just announced Gmail Mobile which provides a nice interface to your Gmail from a mobile browser. A lot of the functionality that you've grown to love in Gmail remains present in Gmail Mobile (minus the Ajax), with a few extra features that are great additions.

Just go to in your mobile browser and you're greeted with the following login screen:

Gmail mobile login

Once you enter your username and password, you're redirected to your inbox just as you would be on a desktop browser. You'll see 10 email conversations per page instead of the 50 to a page you normally.

Gmail mobile inbox

You'll have access to your starred messages (there's one in the above image) as well as the ability to reply, forward, archive, star, and mark unread any messages you view.

Gmail mobile message options

There's a search form at the bottom of each page in Gmail Mobile that you can use to search your 2.5 GB of email. This function works just as you'd expect:

Gmail mobile search

At first, I thought Gmail's excellent labeling feature was bypassed - but it's simply hidden. You can choose which labels are displayed in the main view by clicking on more views:

Gmail mobile more views

You're then taken to a view where you can choose which labels or folders (inbox, archived, sent, etc) appear on your Gmail Mobile page.

Gmail mobile labels

The items you select on this screen are displayed at the bottom of each Gmail Mobile page, much like the sidebar in regular Gmail.

Here's a great feature that might just motivate me to populate some data into my very much neglected Gmail contacts. When you add a phone number into one of your Gmail contacts, an email to or from them will allow you to call their number directly from the email message you're viewing:

Gmail mobile contact call

This is a great feature that the BlackBerry has sported for years and it's always been a user favorite.

When addressing a new message, there is an Add Receipients button which takes you to your frequently mailed contact list where you can add multiple recipients to the message easily.

Gmail mobile new

Here's the reply screen which works as you'd expect it to. The only feature worth mentioning is the ability to include the quoted text.

Gmail mobile reply

There's no doubt Gmail access just got quite a bit better from your BlackBerry or any mobile phone. For a nice BlackBerry app that gives you a great interface for checking your Gmail, check out Gmail Mobile for the BlackBerry.