Gnome 2.8 Screenshots

by Steve Mallett

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Gnome 2.8 was this week & Ubuntu Linux 4.1 was shipped with it so we've taken a number of screenshots for you to peruse through & decide if you want to upgrade though we all know you will.

I must say it looks like a tight little package. Color me impressed.



mike baas
2004-09-17 15:21:42
Using Evolution with Exchange
Steve, right when you just got finished pouring forth about how users hate to have to duplicate their blog posts on other sites when they really want to post once and move on with there lives, let this be a testament to the tedium of our current 'Semantic Web'-less sitution.

From my weblog....

I recently installed Ubuntu Linux with Gnome 2.8, which has a built-in Evolution package, and although the installation was the most efficient and simple I have yet experienced, the integration of Evolution into Exchange did not work as well as I hoped it would. I was able to connect and see everything that I normally see using Oulook (once I got my password authentication straightened out), but it looks like Evolution doesn't have an efficient way of caching server information. With a massive inbox and calendaring system, I waited through many "fetching summary information" messages as the client scanned through all my messages *each time* I reentered the folder. At times I would have to wait 45 seconds for all the information to show up. Another thing that was poorly implimented was 'Categories' for both tasks and contacts. I was finally able to filter both by category but I could not close and open categories independently of one another. When you have over 300 tasks and contacts, this is fairly critical (although maybe I need to figure out a different way of working given my toolset). The software seemed pretty close to doing the job but in experience it was much less than usable. For enterprise and home users hooked on Outlook, it would be impossible to switch given how the code worked for me. [I still wonder if I might have been doing something wrong!]

Computer specs: PIII 600, 256 MB of RAM - Perhaps I would have benefit from a more robust machine?

Almost there....

mike baas
2004-09-17 15:27:39
Using Evolution with Exchange
Not sure if a trackback would have solved this. I think it is going to wrong direction....
2007-01-13 09:46:17
Wow!!! Your site is beautiful!! I love the artwork.