GNOME vs. KDE in 45 words or less

by Schuyler Erle

One of the discussion posts on Jono Bacon's recent weblog entry on Lowering the Bar to Code prompted the following reflection on the nature of GNOME / GTk+ versus KDE/ Qt:

If you think that reimplementing the C++ Standard Template Library in C is a bad idea, you will like KDE / Qt. If you think that the C++ Standard Template Library is a bad idea, you will probably like GNOME / GTk+.

Myself, I think the C++ STL is a pretty bad idea.

It's a holy war, and it's your turn to shoot back!


2005-03-03 06:51:33
Gnome vs. KDE
If KDE locks you out of your machine so that you need to re-install Linux, you will think that Gnome is a good idea. I certainly do.
Jonathan Gennick
2005-03-03 07:19:59
What are the differences between Gnome and KDE
I would actually like to know more about the fundamental differences between Gnome and KDE. I've recently taken a stab at running linux on my laptop (it works, yay!), and, while installing, I was confronted by the Gnome versus KDE choice. But on what basis to choose? I have no idea. Is there some underlying, set of philosophical differences between how the two desktops operate?
2005-03-03 13:32:43
What are the differences between Gnome and KDE
The initial differences were over licensing. Qt, upon which KDE is based, was not Free, so the more GNU-type people refused to build anything with it, starting GNOME.

In the mean time, Qt can now be used for GPL projects I believe (though it is not as free as Gtk?) so that difference is gone.

On the surface, Gnome tries to be more minimalist, while KDE likes to let you know that it has all these cool features by putting lots and lots of stuff on the toolbars. Gnome has a more consistent human interface. KDE does a few things better (bundled apps, burning CDs).

Just my biased opinion.

2005-03-03 16:48:59
Reimplement the STL ?
From what I've seen, QT reimplements half the STL containers already.

I like the STL, and I'd like to see QT move back to using the standard STL as more compilers can properly support it.

As for gtk, I assume you are talking about reimplementing the containers in a C fashion?

Jonathan Gennick
2005-03-03 18:07:25
What are the differences between Gnome and KDE
Does either desktop have a lighter footprint than the other, or otherwise consume fewer CPU and memory resources? Is there a clear choice between the two if I'm installing onto an older box with a slow CPU and limited RAM? Or does it not really matter?
2005-03-04 19:50:34
Reimplement the STL ?
I agree, QT should move back toward STL.
It does nothing for "open source" when such uninformed & unjustified opinions are expressed.
Reimplementing the STL in C is daft.
2005-03-04 20:10:33
Reimplement the STL ?
What's "uninformed and unjustified"? Have you ever tried actually using the STL for anything - or, more to the point, ever tried debugging something that used the STL?
2005-03-19 04:19:23
Gnome vs. KDE
If you can't get around supposedly being "locked out of your machine" 'by KDE', then perhaps you should invest some time in learning a bit more about how linux works without the aid of the desktop GUI, you know the good old command line.

KDE/Qt is far more stable than GNOME/GTK, it's much faster and has far superior functionality. To all those people who say that KDE is too configureable, I think you may as well use ms windows, GNOME is worse.

2005-04-06 12:16:35
Gnome vs. KDE
Thats not true that KDE is far more stable and fast than Gnome, Actually Now Im testing KDE 3.4 Released is totally crap the Konqueror wanna be all in one tool every 10 min crashed when I was browsing my filesystem and also when Im downloading a file from the Net. Gnome is more simple but use less resources and IMHO GNOME is more STABLE and faster than KDE.
Yeah KDE have good eye candy(functionality??) but Gnome this days is looking sexy. Try by your self both and test them deep push to the limits both desktops and you will see. $0.02
2006-01-18 02:51:48
JPanel object size shown differently in KDE and GNome
My UI, built using Java Swing,has three panes- one pane to the left and two panes to the right.The right two panes are split by a horizontal split pane, yielding a top-right pane and bottom-right pane.The overall look of the UI is exactly like Microsoft Exchange for mails, with the left-pane having a Tree-View and the Top-Right and the Bottom-Right panes are a JPanel object each.
The UI, when run in Windows XP and RHEL 4.0-GNome, shows up fine.
But, in KDE, the Top-Right pane shows extending down, pushing the Bottom-Right pane.
So, the UI is shown with the panes appearing different-sized in GNOME and KDE, in the same version of RHEL 4.0.
Can anybody help me, as to what could go wrong?
Any screen resolution settings , to be made in KDE?
Has anybody got these problems?