GNU/Linux, coming soon to a theater near you.

by David Sklar

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I've always kept an eye out for ways that movie makers feature technology that isn't boring in a movie. Because typing and scrolling text are pretty boring in a movie. The dishwasher that said "Wash. Rinse. Agitate. Explode. Die!" in Ghost in the Machine was a highlight, but usually all we get are the e-mail clients with big fonts and dramatically opening cartoon envelopes, like in Disclosure or Mission Impossible.

I don't expect any cartoon envelopes or VR filing systems in Revolution OS, but I am curious to see how the "inside story" of the Open Source movement translates to the big screen. Although, even if the movie is no good, at least Richard Stallman now has a Bacon Number of 3.

I wonder what happens when a copy of the movie shows up on Gnutella?