Go Mobile Young (Web) Developer!

by Todd Ogasawara

Notebook sales and growth have overtaken desktop PC sales.
Cell phone sales are huge (though perhaps getting close to saturation). Gameboy DS and Sony PSP portable gaming consoles are spotted everywhere. I think the message is clear, if you are an application (client side) or web developer, think mobile!

Desktop PCs are cheap these days.
$300 to $400 buys a decent desktop.
And, yet, notebook PCs at twice the price (or more) are larger for the first time and with sales growth higher than the desktops.
And, still there are many web sites formatted for screens far larger than the typical 1024x768 resolution available on low to mid-priced notebook PCs (under $1000).

Cell phone users are found all over walking and looking at, presumably, text messages and web pages.
And still most websites do not detect mobile devices and reformat their information for phones and PDAs.

We're told
(NPD: Handhelds Drive Record Sales in '05)
that the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP (which did not have a market share 18 months ago) and Nintendo Gameboy SP game sales accounted for 13% of all computer game sales in 2005 with a 42% increase over sales in 2004.
And, yet, most of the attention is on the Xbox 360 (and the yet to be released Sony PS3 and Nintendo Revolution) even though console software sales declined 12% (from 2004 to 2005).

Folks, I think the trends are pretty clear.
If you develop applications or websites, please make sure you pay attention to mobile devices ranging from low-priced notebooks (lower screen resolution) to portable games consoles (the Sony PSP has a built-in web browser and WiFi).

You can find my list of Phone, PDA, and Sony PSP friendly websites at:
MobileViews MobileAware Sites

Google also has free service that reformats legacy sites for mobile devices at:


Got mobile?