Go Solo as a Fulltime Rails Developer

by Geoffrey Grosenbach

Hello, Rubyists! I’m Geoffrey Grosenbach and I’ll be posting here from time to time. You might remember me from the Ruby on Rails Podcast or from my graphing library, Gruff.

I’ll be in New York and San Francisco in a few weeks teaching Rails workshops for Carson Workshops and hope to meet up with local Rubyists (check my blog in a few days for the details).

A Wish

A few years ago I was a devout Perl hobbyist. I was programming in Java fulltime but appreciated the quirkiness of Perl and hoped to get a job using it. Eventually I signed on with a software company and led a successful rewrite of an internal statistics engine. Together with two other developers, I rewrote the system and reduced many unmaintainable scripts to a handful of short ones. Unfortunately, we ended up leaving the company after the project was completed but still keep in touch today.

Many Rubyists are in the same situation and are ready to step out and work fulltime with a language they love. Fortunately there are many more opportunities to work professionally with Ruby now. At the same time, a certain set of skills is required and things might be different from the environment you are familiar with.


2006-05-12 07:40:29
A fantastic post! Welcome Geoffrey.
2006-05-12 09:23:58
I recently left my day job to do fulltime Rails work, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It's tough at times, but there are plenty of jobs out there. Rails is changing so fast that people who can keep up should have no problem finding a project.

Geoffrey - I would add something to 'Promote Yourself' - Conferences, Workshops, and User Groups. Pretty much all of my work has come from contacts I made at one type of Ruby event or another.

Jeremy Jones
2006-05-13 14:36:46
I don't have any experience in the "work for yourself" world, but this sounds like great advice. It also sounds like your advice would cross over into other, non-Ruby, rapid web development realms.
2007-04-18 02:26:22
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