God Bless David Carlisle!

by M. David Peterson

I've known, loved, and respected David Carlisle for quite some time now. As of today, I've known him for 24 hours longer than I did yesterday, yet love and respect him twice as much as I did the day before (and that's saying a *TON*),

Teaching XSLT vs. Teaching XQuery - O'Reilly XML Blog

If you know XQuery and want to learn XSLT you need to learn about template matching, if you know XSLT and want to learn XQuery, you just need to learn a new syntax.

*YES*! The world needs more straight shooters like David (who, like David, have the credentials to back up every word that comes from their general direction), don't ya think? (NOTE: If you think differently, that's just because you have no clue what you're talking about. But that's okay, I'll still luv ya. Mmmwwahh! :D)