Going B&W - and Lovin' It!

by Derrick Story

I recently posted a simple workflow for producing great prints. Now, how about going beyond the simple snapshot and making your own fine art B&W enlargements? Here's one surefire way.

In Great Prints from Your Mac, I focused on the basics in order to take some of the mystery out of the print process. By going just a few steps further (and a notable financial investment), you can make your own fine art B&W prints.

In the post titled, Perfect B&W Prints from Digital Files on the O'Reilly Digital Media site, I introduce a new Photoshop plug-in called Exposure by Alien Skin that enables you to make fantastic B&W conversions from your existing digital files.

I then output these images to an Epson R2400 printer that uses the new UltraChrome K3 inks. What makes the Epson so good for this type of output is that three of the eight cartridges are black (black, light black, and light, light black).

Epson K3 Inks

Get yourself some good looking Epson fine art paper, and you will be amazed by what you can produce in your own home. And they're archival too!