Good and bad reviews

by brian d foy

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This morning I got a scathing email about The Perl Review, mostly because the guy doesn't realize I'm not CMP (publishers of the other Perl magazine, The Perl Journal) and it's just me and a handful of volunteers. I felt pretty bad about that until lunch time. I should take cues from my opera-singing wife. She ignores the occasional bad review.

Then I discovered, through Google Alerts, that G. Wade Johnson had said something nice about our little magazine:

It contains good, solid information about solving problems with Perl. Unlike many magazines, it does not take itself too seriously. This combination of useful information and light-hearted attitude makes it a joy to read.

I think that cancels out any three bad emails.


2004-08-11 21:23:44
Credit where credit is due
I'm glad I was able to pay back some of the good the Perl Review has done me in the past few months.

BTW, you've got the trackback link at the top instead of the entry link.

Keep up the good work!