Good News for the Firefox Ecosystem

by Preston Gralla

One major advantage that Internet Explorer has had over Firefox is the ecosystem of add-ins and developers that have sprung up around it. There are many add-ins and toolbars that extend IE, but that don't work with other browsers. So even if people want to switch to Firefox, they're leery of giving up their favorite browser tools.

All that is changing...and fast. For example, the newest version of the excellent Onfolio tool for organizing online content and reading RSS feeds (a tool I use to write all my books) works with Firefox as well as IE. The original only worked with IE.

And there are increasing number of extensions available for Firefox, many of which offer capabilities that go beyond any IE add-ins.

Better yet, a startup company called Round Two, founded by former Mozilla Foundation staffers, is devoting itself to developing Firefox extensionsand supporting other companies that develop them.

For example, it's supporting development of the SwitchProxy anonymous surfing extension, and the Extensions Mirror site, which is a great destination for finding Firefox extensions.

With this growing ecosystem of add-ins and developers, Firefox stands a better chance of thriving, so let's hope the trend continues.

Do you think Round Two will help create a larger ecosystem of add-ins and developers for Firefox?


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