Good Things Come in Millions

by Jason Deraleau

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Well, looks like it's official: iTunes for Windows is a hit. Apple today announced that there have been one million downloads of the Windows iTunes jukebox since it was announced on Thursday. I'm sure at the next keynote, Steve will give us a stat of how many downloads per minute that is, but I think it's safe to say that a LOT of Windows users are checking out iTunes.

Of course, the best way to check out iTunes is to load in some of your personal library and then take a trip over to the Music Store. Apparently Windows users did just that and have also downloaded one million songs since Thursday. If you remember, it took about a week to sell that many songs back in late April/early May. So, the process has definitely sped up a bit.

A million iPods, a million Windows downloads (and counting), millions of songs purchased through the iTunes Music Store. Apple is on fire. This is a huge time for us Mac fans. And I think we should all get together and give a big welcome to Windows users (and don't forget the I-told-you-so's!).

I could use a million, how about you?


2003-10-20 09:12:17
buy the ipod if you are looking for a mp3 player... its the best.
2003-10-20 09:23:47
I like it!
Have been a Mac & PC guy for a long time. The Macs around the house are too old for iTunes, so I was happy to get it for the PC on Friday.

Works very well, got some tunes I had always wanted!
First suggestion: how about some rollover text for the navigation buttons? It took me a while to guess my way around the screen. A newbie might get put off.

Second: I have not yet figured out how to successfully create a playlist without using the Smart Playlist (which does work well.) That function should be more obvious.

Overall, though, very easy to use.

2003-10-20 09:26:11
Re: I like it!
You should be able to add a normal playlist by simply clicking the + below your Library. Usually smart playlists require a modifier of some sort, and then click where the + is. Smart playlists have a gear shaped icon, while normal playlists have an eighth note icon.
2003-10-20 10:20:19
I like it!
I have no problems seeing rollover text/tooltips for the navigation elements on my system. You probably just need to check your system settings, as I don't think that's an application preference.
2003-10-20 17:38:37
Wrong numbers
Apple said one million iTunes downloaded in 3.5 days, on average Mac users download 300,000 iTunes in 3.5 days whih leaves 700,000 for Windows. Even that figure makes a few assumptions like the new version for Mac users. I've seen this bad reporting everywhere from Reuters downwards, it's a terrible indictment of (mostly US) media.
2003-10-20 20:44:56
port it to linux
screw windoze, port it to linux. and by the way folks, PC means x86, not windoze. and i write this from my ibook, whilst i save for a shiny new 15" PB. yum, yum. it's *nix, anyways.
2003-10-20 20:48:16
So you're saying Apple is lying??
...unless you simply misread the press release.

here is a copy and paste from the actual Apple press release:

One Million Copies of iTunes for Windows Software Downloaded in Three and a Half Days

CUPERTINO, California—October 20, 2003—

Apple® today announced that Windows users have downloaded more than one million copies of its new iTunes™ for Windows digital jukebox software in just three and a half days since its launch last Thursday, and over one million songs have been purchased and downloaded by iTunes users in the same period.

“iTunes users have purchased over one million songs in the first three and a half days since our launch last Thursday, which compares with one million songs in the first seven days when we introduced the original iTunes for Mac users last April,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We're off to a great start, and our competition isn't even out of the starting gates yet.”

by the way: that works out to 3.3 iTunes for Windows downloads per second, nonstop,
for 3.5 days. Sorry i had to say it.

2003-10-20 22:32:49
It's About Time...
This is a great way to let Windoze/PC/x86 users enjoy the Mac experience in a small but meaningful way... iTunes looks and works the same way with XP as it does on my Powerbook: flawlessly from install to the actual operation, whether groovin' to personal music files or listening to streaming radio... Can it get any better than this? (My Linux Box can't wait for its own version!! btw, since OS-X is Unix-based, how hard can it be to port to Linux?)
2003-10-21 07:14:23
port it to linux
my word you're a troll. unfortunately o'reillynet's once useful blog commentary tool is turning into Slashdot-reborn.

2003-10-28 09:37:15
port it to linux
iTunes works flawlessly with wine. Even seems to work nicely with the music folder on an nfs mount. While I'll admit that's not a port to Linux, it's a solution. Also one has to consider that the $$ benefit of porting to linux is pretty low. Yes yes I know if more people would port more people would use linux... probably, but Apple is walking the very thin line of figuring out how to leverage and support open source with out endorsing a competing operating system (no windows isn't a competing OS it's a monopoly).
2004-02-22 04:14:16
port it to linux
How did you manage to get itunes to work with wine?
I tried for ages with many different versions but without any success. The installer complains about 1607 unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime.
Even Office XP installed fine.
Any ideas?
2005-01-09 19:21:14
port it to linux
This is for Windows XP but it might be worth a try. It worked for me.

Originally Posted by CubaTBird on
okay step one, remove everything that is ipod and itunes related from your comp using the add remove programs utility located in your control panel. next right click ur c drive and have it check for errors, you will have to restart ur comp for this, which is fine, let it do its thing.

next dl this and install FIRST

then restart your comp, then install this

next plug ur mini in, itunes may open and thats fine, but close it out right away, start the ipod utility that u dled and have it "restore" the software on it, this will also bring it up to the latest version. after its done, disconnect the ipod by unmounting it, plug it back in ur comp and have a swell day