Goodbye, Thoth

by brian d foy

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I got my new PowerBook the other day (the 15" model, for everyone who has been asking: the 17" is just obscene), and I have been going through the (literally) once in a blue moon process of setting up a new PowerBook.

As part of that, I need to get my favorite newsreader, Thoth, up to speed so I can work on things in various newsgroups. I would give you a link to Thoth, but all you get is a blank page. I found out that Brian Clark has moved on, for various reasons.

I tried Thunderbird, but I could not figure out how to order the newsgroups in any other way than alphabetical, which means I cannot order groups in the order I think they are important and the order in which I want to read them. A few other application were even less appealing.

I just want my Thoth, and it needs a registration key to get rid of an annoying "Register" dialog, but I have no way to pay for it anymore, and I have not figured out how transfer the registration from my old PowerBook to my new PowerBook. It is too bad too, because Thoth is one of the few applications I actually paid to use.

So long, Thoth.


2004-05-07 04:49:57
Try Unison
I certainly understand the frustration of having a favorite product end-of-lifed. Thoth, however, is a product I never really felt was worth the money. Newswatcher, the program it was based on, was always much more responsive and user-friendly.

However, I've been using Unison for a few months now and have been massively impressed by it. Its well worth the price (which is less that what was charged for Thoth

2004-05-07 08:23:20
I like MT-NewsWatcher. It has not been updated in a little while, since 10.2 was out I think, but it works great for me.
2004-05-07 08:24:15
Why did the links not show up? Is it case-sensitive? I'll try again.
2004-05-07 08:24:53
2004-05-07 13:59:27
News Reader
I loved Nuntius (the news reader). (I haven't found anything as useful since).

Try checking

See if thoth dropped a file in there.

2004-05-07 21:01:29
Try Unison
Thanks for the HU. I used MTNW happily for years with OS 9. With OS X I tried a few, didn't like Thoth, and stuck with and purchased Hogwasher. I see Unison has some very attractive features and will definitely try it out.
2004-05-08 12:24:10
Open Source Thoth
If the author doesn't have time to deal with Thoth anymore, he should just Open Source the code.

I love Thoth too and hate that the author is just going to let all his hard work wither away.


2004-05-09 17:44:15
Hogwasher for text, Unison for binaries
I've found Hogwasher to be great for text based usenet. Its subscription functions organize groups nicely and it is fairly quick to update and index even very active groups. Hogwasher just issued their new 4.0 version.

Unison is very good if you use usenet for binaries since it can support as many simultanious connections as your news server will allow. The downside is that Unison is at this time rather slow to index large groups.

2004-10-31 21:40:20
I too registered and now need to reregister. Maybe somebody could tell us where to go, using resedit or a similar program, to see what code we originally used. Anybody??? I like thoth so much better than YA or MT and I used to use them both.