Google Acquires Keyhole: Surf the World Cheaper

by Brian Jepson

Google has announced the acquisition of Keyhole, makers of a product that lets you browse the planet.

This program is amazing--you can click and drag, zip, zoom, and fly all over the world. Browse the planet with satellite maps superimposed on the globe in topographic glory. I've tried the trial a couple of times and I've been waffling on whether to buy it. The huge news is that the price has dropped from $70 to $30. This will get me to open my wallet.

Keyhole is one of the few computer programs that people will crowd around a computer to play around with. "Go here!" "No, go here!" "Don't make me come over there!"

My only complaint is that there's no Mac version. I hope that changes soon. I do have a desktop PC, but my PC laptop is way too weak for this application. I'd love to be able to take Keyhole with me on-the-go.

BTW, NASA has a free application World Wind, that does a lot of what Keyhole does. When I first checked it out, the site was Slashdotted, so I didn't have a pleasant out-of-the-box experience since maps and the like are fed to World Wind over the network.