Google App Engine Isn't the Only Grid in Town

by chromatic

Didn't get one of the 10,000 golden tickets in special Google-brand chocolate bars? Python isn't your favorite language? Not sure about hosting your code and data with the world's largest ad broker? Never fear -- Google's not the only supercomputing grid in the world. It may not even be the largest.

Computerworld reports that the top botnets control over a million computers and can deliver over a hundred billion advertisements per day. MapReduce and AdWords have nothing on this.

Yes, the deployment platform is mostly Windows, and you don't exactly have professional system administrators in charge of every whim and need of the machines, but you do have root access, and there's little chance the box owners will suddenly yank your code and data if your business model conflicts with theirs. Google's offering has a ways to go if it wants to compete.


2008-04-11 10:40:40
Was hoping you will mention Amazon service, how do you host your application with botnet without sinking that low ?
2008-04-11 13:53:56
If those botnets were coded in perl would that make them better?
2008-04-18 15:44:35
I don't particularly care which languages botnets support. I merely find it amusing that Google may not be the world's largest advertising-delivery service.