Google buys YouTube

by Daniel Raffel

$1.65 Billion in stock is a lot of money but you gotta admit that an arsenal of YouTube videos would be great content for the rumored gTalk device shipping sometime next year. Not to mention, if you agree with Janus and Niklas isn't video officially the next thing to tackle? Things are heating up in this space.


2006-10-09 15:07:52
Great. Maybe they'll drop the Flash requirement.
Jonathan Roberts
2006-10-09 18:43:46
1.65 Billion for what exactly? What kind of revenue is YouTube generating? I know that all of the cool kids are spending their money on web properties, but will this pay off for Google?
2006-10-10 00:08:24
You gotta admit user generated content sure creates a lot of ad ops but watching crappy videos of folks picking their nose does get old.